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We are a family-run company located in Gorizia, a small town on the border between Italy and Slovenia and, thanks to the thirty years experience in the field of screen printing and advertising, in 2014 we decided to open up to the design world founding Romeo Design, our artistic craftsmanship brand.

The desire to transform Ignazio Romeo‘s artwork into everyday objects was the spark that led us to start the first small production. The satisfaction at seeing our products come to life and the positive feedback we received drove us to invest more and more time in this project and to learn new skills and production techniques.

Today, Romeo Design catalogue comprises a wide variety of different products, characterized by a surreal style and a contemporary and eccentric design. Every item is designed and produced with the aim of giving to the end-user the opportunity to use, and not only to watch, the artwork.

Many of Ignazio Romeo’s exhibitions were born with the idea that his works should fit into a place completing each other, in order to interact with the setting and not only be hosted. His desire and his ambition is to enhance dialogue between context and content, being able to achive an unexplored artistic dimension. Romeo’s act is apparently simple, but it investigates on the contrast between the work and his exhibition place, the external and the internal, what you are and what you are not. The themes of space and time, like memory and oblivion, clash of opposites, together with experimental materials and techniques, make Romeo an artist who steadily try to improve his art.

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